What is your why?

Motivation to succeed comes in many different forms. Let’s say that you are working a 9-5 job… your motivation would be to work as hard as you can so you get a possible pay increase, or promotion. Or, say you are in sports. You would work your butt off practicing so you can become the best you can be.

If you are reading this, then you have at least an inkling of desire to get healthy. So, what’s your WHY? Why do you want to get healthy? What’s your motivation?

For me, it was wanting to be able to spend more time with the family and do things I couldn’t do. I took a look at myself at the weight of 315 lbs and decided enough is enough. I was always tired. I never wanted to do anything. I would come home from work and usually make my way directly to the recliner. I had no motivation at all… and my health was showing it.

When I made the decision to get healthier, I had to figure out why I wanted to do this. Why should I get healthier?… does it really matter to me that much?

I was on a serious health decline and didn’t recognize it on my own. I saw myself in the mirror everyday, and never once noticed how much weight I had gained. I knew that I wasn’t happy with the person I saw… and that aggravated me. My wife saw it… she saw it everyday. When I lost the weight I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me I was that big and needed to do something?”. She told me, “You weren’t ready to hear it”. That’s powerful.

I was gaining weight and wasn’t ready to admit to myself that I was getting heavier. If I had stayed in that frame of mind and continued to travel that road, I would have easily reached the 350 lbs mark by Christmas this year… if not sooner.

Three good reasons led me to get healthier… my wife… my son… and myself. I wanted to be able to be there for both my wife and my son. I was on a road that would have easily led to a heart attack or worse. Who knows where I would have been health wise if I hadn’t made that choice to get healthy. My family is my biggest why. They are my driving force to make me want to be successful in a healthier lifestyle. Then, for myself. I needed to show myself that there was more to me than the overweight body that I daily identified with. I needed to show myself that with desire, drive and determination I can accomplish my goals.

So what is your why? If you could lose weight today and change your life… why would you do it? What would be your “motivation”? There are many people out there with stories very similar to mine. However, they haven’t yet admitted to themselves they need a healthier life. If you are ready to make that commitment to get healthy, I can help you get there.

Contact me today. I would be happy to show you have you can lose the weight and change your direction to a healthier one.

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