Healthy Sleeping Habits

Another important habit to develop when living a healthy lifestyle is getting good sleep. You would be surprised at how much sleep plays into your health. Without the sleep you are too tired to work out, run, walk, ride bike… you name it. You have to have the sleep so your body is rested enough to do the exercise you need.

When I was starting out I wasn’t really sleeping well. I was sleeping, but wasn’t having a good night sleep. I didn’t feel rested and ready for the day when morning came. When starting the program, I decided to make sure that I was getting enough sleep at night. I began going to bed a lot earlier than normal. I was going to bed around 9 or 9:30… just to make sure there was plenty of time for me to sleep. It wasn’t long before I had much more energy in the morning. I woke up and got out of bed and was ready to go in no time. It was an amazing boost in my energy.

Now a days, I sleep well each night. I have lost enough weight to where I don’t snore anymore (thus allowing my wife to sleep better). I get enough sleep through the night to where I am refreshed in the morning and can go throughout the day with being terribly tired and just wanting to crash when I get back home. With this energy I have gained, I am now running when I get home from work.

Try enhancing your sleep by going to bed earlier at night. Try this for a few days and see how much energy you have. Let me know if you notice the change in your energy level.

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