End of a Vacation

This weekend, we went to the lake to enjoy time away from everything. I took my Kayak and went fishing in the morning with my dad…and just enjoyed being out on the water for a little while. During the time I was catching fish and paddling my kayak, I understood why it is so important to unplug and get away. The little time I spent out on the water this weekend allowed me to be able to recharge and clear my mind. I was able to relax and know there was nothing that needed to be done at that moment.

These moments are so important for our mental health. So many people don’t take time for themselves and/or their family. They work so hard to place themselves in an early grave. For what?

It’s important that we all find a way to unplug from the everyday. Maybe it doesn’t mean taking a full vacation. Maybe it could be something as simple as going by yourself and relaxing a few hours alone… or maybe spending alone time with family. Whatever your escape may be, make it count. Take the time to unwind and realize there is nothing you need to do at that moment. Try and understand that at that moment, you are in “recharge” mode.

If we don’t take time to work on our mental health, it can lead to depression and other physical health issues. Get rid of the “everyday grind” and relax. Recharge your batteries and focus on living the healthier life overall.

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