Healthy for the Holidays

This is the time of year when everyone seems to want to eat a lot. I think its because the food is so available. There are parties and functions and get togethers and …. well you name it. What do you do when the food looks so good and isRead More →

Recently, I have been playing a lot of basketball with my son. It’s been a little random considering he hasn’t wanted to play basketball for close to 2 years now. Its great that he is interested in trying out for the local basketball league though. So, I have been goingRead More →

Motivation to succeed comes in many different forms. Let’s say that you are working a 9-5 job… your motivation would be to work as hard as you can so you get a possible pay increase, or promotion. Or, say you are in sports. You would work your butt off practicingRead More →

Another important habit to develop when living a healthy lifestyle is getting good sleep. You would be surprised at how much sleep plays into your health. Without the sleep you are too tired to work out, run, walk, ride bike… you name it. You have to have the sleep soRead More →

Developing Healthy Habits

Developing Healthy Habits I heard somewhere that it takes 20 days to develop a habit… at least I think that’s correct. Either way, that’s usually how long it takes me. Starting new habits of health takes time. It’s not something that can be achieved over night. There is a smallRead More →

This weekend, we went to the lake to enjoy time away from everything. I took my Kayak and went fishing in the morning with my dad…and just enjoyed being out on the water for a little while. During the time I was catching fish and paddling my kayak, I understoodRead More →

I am finding the more that I run on the days I am by myself, the more I have time to stop and think about things in my life. It’s actually a great reflection time. This may be because I don’t run with music playing. Don’t get me wrong, it’sRead More →

Making a substantial change in your life is a difficult decision. Especially when it comes to a change in your eating and lifestyle habits. Let’s be honest, everyone at some point in time has looked in the mirror and said “Geez, I really need to lose weight”. Knowing you needRead More →

There is so much more to “losing weight” than just losing the weight. It is a mater of training your brain to make the correct choices in portion sizes and the foods you reach for. In December 2017, I began a journey to lose weight and get healthier. Part ofRead More →